Day 40 – Queer religions.  The log of Cpt. J. Smith


These are the entries of the log of Captain J. Smith, found among other items of his possessions. Captain J. Smith was an Explorer of the twenty first Century,  who traveled queer and exotic places all over the world and analyzed the indeginous people. 
Day 74 

After a perilous journey through the slopes and hills along the south coast of Terra Australis, we again reached what for the indigenous people seems to be the most important town.

Contrary to most of the land we could observe during our expedition, this particular region around the town the Australiea call “Sydnaye” is densely populated.  Early advancements of agriculture, the first arrivals must have brought along during the first mass wandering,  as well as new techniques the people developed or imported by maintaining a complex communication system, led to an advanced infrastructure. Roads and bridges connect the lands along the coasts in the east,  the hills in the west and the forests in the north. Moving along with our automobile is therefore surprisingly at ease. 

Since we use our automated vehicle to explore this continent,  we discovered, that halting bays are sacred to the Australiea. Wherever one wishes to halt his coach or vehicle,  an offering has to be made. In lack of goats,  we present them with silver and gold,  which is gladly accepted as well. Yet, every halt, especially near the coastline, is such a sacred place, and our possessions of coin come to an end.  

With the mercy of luck, the indigenous people close their sacrificial shrines over night,  so that there is a time at which we can stop our coaches and rest our tired eyes during the darkest hours, without leaving any offerings.

It is hard to tell,  when and how the holy status of halting bays had developed,  yet i have the theory, that the belief in the god of trade and coin can be held responsible,  which the people either imported during trade and travel with the rest of the world,  or developed on their own. More investigation will be necessary when back in Europe.