The Merlion

For the evening of our second day in Singapore, Snake, Lisa, Míša and I planned to meet on Sentosa Island.
On the internet I read about an amazing lightshow, that is supposed to take place on the shores of lil Disneyland, so after a day of sooo many detours, which we spent more in the underground system of Singapore than in the actual city, we arrive at harbor front.
From there we move along the long bridge to Sentosa over the bay waters.
People were advising us to take the Monorail that connects Singapore with Sentosa but we rather economise the 3 Singaporian Dollars and enjoy our walk over the bridge.
The Skyline of Singapore in the sunset is magnificently visible from here.
The lights start being lit in the windows of the skyscrapers and the evermoving waters of the bay serve as a big mirror.
All the enjoying aside, we are quite in a hurry as the lightshow is supposed to start soon.

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